TF-Works RWD Oil Pan Kit with Billet Oil Pump Adapter

TF-Works RWD Oil Pan Kit with Billet Oil Pump Adapter

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“Due to the overwhelming popularity of our oil pans we are doing our best to keep up with the orders. We should have more pans ready by late March”
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*This item is currently on back order due to production delay, please allow 3-4 weeks for ship time on new orders. As of 2/2*


It is finally here.  Our RWD K-series oil pan kit!
Our oil pan was specifically designed to clear the front subframe and steering rack on the S-chassis platform, and many have asked for it as it might fit their unique chassis. 
By extremely popular demand, we are now offering our oil pan kit by itself.  
What makes our pan unique?
Our pan has been track tested with data to ensure there is proper capacity and baffling for the RWD setups under braking and cornering.  Proper baffling allows the oil to submerge the pick up which is located in the center of the pan, so that it does not starve your engine of oil.
Our pan also comes with two 1/2" NPT bungs so you can use it for oil drain from the turbo and/or your catch can.  We also integrated 1/8" NPT bung for a sensor.  As our pan's capacity is 8 quarts, we decided to go with a much larger 1" drain to make life easier, and draining oil doesn't have to take all day.
Each pan is hand crafted in house under strict quality control, which then each pan undergoes a pressure check before it receives our TF logo as seal of approval.

Our first batch of kits are sold at a discounted price!

Our kit includes:

1 x High capacity internally baffled oil pan
1 x Front sump oil pick up tube with viton O-ring
1 x Billet aluminum oil pump adapter
1 x Magnetic drain plug
1 x 1/2" NPT plug

Disclaimer:  Our pans were designed specifically to be used with our engine and transmisison mounts.  By purchasing this kit, you assume all liability of fitment and proper function of the pan for your vehicle application.