TF-Works RWD Kswap Water Neck with Filler Tube

TF-Works RWD Kswap Water Neck with Filler Tube

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The radiator filler neck is very close to being at the same height as the water neck on the back of the cylinder head, which makes bleeding coolant on these a pain.
Our standard water necks come with a 1/8 NPT Bleed port which helps, however this version has a filler tube that is substantially taller.
To use this version on the S-chassis, the pinch weld on the fire wall needs to be notched and with some taps from a hammer.  The taps from the hammer is to allow for some clearance for the rad cap.
Still works great with our RWD Silicone hose kit and the Kswap Radiator.
1/2" NPT Plug is not included, but can be purchased separately HERE.