TF Nissan 240sx S13 / 180sx Aluminum Spare Tire Trunk Cover

TF Nissan 240sx S13 / 180sx Aluminum Spare Tire Trunk Cover

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Most of us don't carry a spare tire in the trunk anymore, which means if you have the factory cardboard cover, it is sagging and warped.
It also means you cannot have carpet in the trunk without it sagging.

For those that have the trunk panels and still have the oem carpet in there, we have a solution to keep the carpet and be able to throw whatever you want on top of it without sagging.
We designed a spare tire trunk cover out of 1/8" thick 6061 aluminum so that you don't have to worry about corrosion while not adding much weight.
The cover serves as storage lid with a hinge, so that you can now put unsightly items hidden under the carpet.  
The cover can be removed by simply using the Quik-Latch fastener.  Just a single press of the latch, and the cover can be freed or put back in place.
Our spare tire cover comes with stainless steel machined spacer mount, which we incorporate a Quik-Latch system into. which is also height adjustable.
For those of you that do not have carpet the cover has two Neodymium Magnets integrated into the soft rubber trim to keep it from popping open.

This fits S13 Coupes and 180sx.