Setrab Transmission / Differential Cooler Starter Kit

Setrab Transmission / Differential Cooler Starter Kit

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The FP119M22I is a compact performer. Its small footprint and low-profile Spal fan allow for fitment in tight spots, where access to direct airflow isn't always possible.

We commonly use these for differentials and transmissions.
It is common to have diff fluid over heat, which will lead to shortened life expectancy of your new LSD.
Once diff fluid over heats, it will break down and will not be able offer the same level of lubrication and protection as new fluid. 
Installing a fan-pack fluid cooler will help keep fluids cool prolonging the life of the diff components.
This kit is everything you need minus fittings and lines from the diff to the cooler.
The oil pump is very small and is gear driven to handle extreme pressures and it's very quiet.

Kit includes:
- Series 1 19-Row oil cooler with a fanpack.
- (2) M22 to -8 AN Fittings for oil Cooler
- Thermal switch 180ºF 
Bosch-type 5-pin 30/40A power relay and socket
- Mini Gear Self Priming Oil Circulation Pump
- (2) -8 AN Fittings for the Oil Pump
- -8 AN Fitting Pre-Filter - stainless steel

Don't let its small stature fool you: the FP119M22I is the lightweight champion of beating heat – featuring a Setrab 1-series 19-row oil cooler (p/n 50-119-7612), this package is the choice of racers and performance street machines in all venues for the following typical applications:

  • Low-HP engine oil cooler (EOC)
  • High-HP auxiliary EOC
  • ATV/motorcycle EOC
  • Differential oil cooler
  • Transmission oil cooler
  • Power-steering oil cooler
  • Fuel cooler