SABELT X-PAD Racing Seat

SABELT X-PAD Racing Seat

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The X-Pad seat has the most compact footprint in the Sabelt line. It is designed to fit in the smallest GT cars, yet its interior dimensions fit most Large size drivers. The head bolsters are especially narrow to clear diagonal rollcage braces and tight greenhouses. The front of the fiberglass composite shell is upholstered in a black velour fabric with pebbled grip material in the shoulders; the back of the fiberglass shell is black gelcoat. Special channels in the upholstery promote breathing and evaporation. The bottom of the shell has a hump between the driver's thighs to help keep the legs from knocking together under hard cornering. Black only with white Sabelt logos. 

FIA 8855-1999 homologated. M8 threaded inserts in the sides of the shell spaced 290mm center-to-center accept standard side-mount brackets (sold separately).  

X-Pad Dimensions: 
External width at shoulders: 600mm (23.62") 
External max width at hip bolsters: 396mm (15.6") 
External width at base (between mounting brackets): 390mm (15.35") 
External depth (front of base to back of headrest): 550mm (21.65") 
Internal width at hips: 362mm (14.25") 
Internal width at thighs: 368mm (14.48") 
Internal width at shoulders: 447mm (17.6") 
Internal width at helmet bolsters: 338mm (13.3") 
Overall height: 900mm (35.43") 
Weight: 7.7kg (17 lb)