RZ34 Nissan Z Suspension Package with Reinharte R1 & SPL Arms

RZ34 Nissan Z Suspension Package with Reinharte R1 & SPL Arms

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Reinharte Racing Suspension has unveiled their R1 Coilover kit for the all-new 2023 Nissan Z!
We have put together a basic suspension package utilizing what we feel allows for maximum adjustments and future proofing your car when it comes to suspension.
When it comes to adjustable suspension arms, SPL sets a high standard with quality and functionality and the reason why we paired these two brands together.

Race bred, track proven technology to provide the best ride quality and performance for the street and track.
The R1 Coilovers feature independently adjustable ride height, so that there is no preloading of the springs and gives you a larger range of adjustment.
This state-of-the-art motorsport technology enables better performance on the track with the ability to tune for comfort on the street as well.

Reinharte Suspension has evolved over the years by testing and developing components from street use to competitive motorsports.  What sets Reinharte apart is that they will work with you to ensure there is less compromises with your suspension by developing the right set for your car.


  • Designed and Assembled in USA.
  • Can be Fully Serviced & Revalved.
  • Custom Valving for customers with specific requirements.
  • Dyno Tuning & Testing of each damper.
  • 15 Levels of adjustment.
  • Damper Adjuster Extenders.
  • Independent Height Adjustment via Lower Bracket.
  • Helper Springs to keep the main spring captive at all times.
  • Superior Monotube design.