REINHARTE R1 Tesla Model 3 / Y  Coilovers - Street Shark

REINHARTE R1 Tesla Model 3 / Y Coilovers - Street Shark

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Reinharte is a house brand coilover of TFWorks that is assembled in-house per customer's specifications. There are many cookie-cutter coilovers on the market today which
are mass produced with less than OEM safety and quality standards. While mass produced coilovers are cheap, they come with a generic valving that can be a hit or miss. Creating
a perfect coilover is not easy with many variables that a 4wheel vehicle has and also perceived feel and handling can be subjective as well. Reinharte has 4 different main
pistons and 30+ shim sizes to create almost any type of valving profile to meet the needs of individual driver. We have dedicated clean rooms as well as a Roehrig shock dyno
to create high precision and quality coilovers that you can trust and enjoy.

Tesla Model 3 comes with a great platform and suspension from the factory. It's low center of gravity and slight rear biased f/r balance gives its agile and neutral handling
rivaling more expensive performance sedans on the market. While the handling around corners is exceptional, the overall comfort was compromised due to early bumpstop engagement
and sports car like valving profile by the OEM dampers.

We first designed our coilovers to be lighter and stronger than OEM by using CAD/FEA to design all of the aluminum mounting parts (lower brackets, spring perches, top mounts).
The R1 coilover was developed with extensive testing on the street with different spring rates, valving profiles and even different tire compounds to make sure all of the boxes are checked. We also paid attention to highway composure, as Model 3/Y tends to lose its composure over rough highway surfaces. By using our high flow piston with preload shims, we're able to keep the high speed damping
softer while giving it plenty of resolution at the low speed damping for drivers to fine tune the ride quality. Our newly designed parabolic needle makes each click from the
very first to last a defined change that can be felt. Result is a coilover that has smoother ride dynamics than the OEM! Sporty yet flatter ride without the sharp harshness over uneven
pavements, you'll find it less fatiguing and more fun to drive. There is plenty of damping to even enjoy the occasional track/autoX days.

The "Street Shark" R1 coilover is for the drivers who wants to drive at our recommended max lowering ride height while retaining great ride quality and road manners.  Comes with stiffer spring rates than our Grand Touring model for sportier ride quality yet still more composed than the OEM Performance suspension.  

Ride height - You can choose your ride height and we will set the preload and lock everything in place.  Default preset ride height is 4 inch lower than OEM (Performance model). This is the lowest recommended ride height at which you will clear speed bumps.  You will have be wary of curbs and driveways if the vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket lip or bumper.

Street Shark R1
Front - 0 ~ -4 inch adjustment

Rear - -1 ~ -4 inch adjustment  



-Reinharte dampers also feature special epoxy polymer coating that is bonded to the surface by electroplating process, also known as EDP. This method of coating is more durable than the powdercoating
and zinc coating which are commonly found on many coilovers. EDP coating has superior corrosion resistance and will provide years of rust free service.

-We designed the rear spring perch to be on the top so the ride height can be adjusted without having to remove the whole spring and spring perch. Rear spring perch is designed to use linear 65mm ID
springs for easy spring rate changes.

-Upper mounts come with solid pillowball bearings for durability and response. This also eliminates removing the OEM top mounts for easier install. Rear lower brackets come with Aurora self lubricating 3pcs
bearing to eliminate unwanted deflection from rubber bushings.

-Assembled in house and every damper is tested on our Roehrig shock dyno. Rebuild/revalve after service is available.

-Custom spring rates and valving is available.

-Optional SWIFT springs and Hyperco springs are also available.