K-Swap RWD Turbo Exhaust Manifold with HeaderShield

K-Swap RWD Turbo Exhaust Manifold with HeaderShield

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Our popular manifold is now available with HeaderShield.
The ultimate heat concealment you can do for your exhaust system.
HeaderShield helps keep the hot exhaust in the manifold rather then seep out, and preventing heat leak increases turbo efficiency.
HeaderShield will also reduce under hood temps keeping the surrounding parts from damage.

Initially developed for motorsports, HeaderShield™ is now available for any application where precise temperature control is needed, including truck/fleet, marine and industrial use. Advantages include:

  • Insulation for crucial engine components that should be kept as cool as possible - intake ducts and manifolds, ECU housings etc.
  • Improved efficiency of exhaust system - increased horsepower
  • Protection and longer life of sensitive under-the-hood components like sensors, plastic and rubber parts and wire harnesses
  • Less radiant heat in engine and passenger compartment
  • Reduced turbo lag, stable temperature for turbochargers 
  • Shorter warm-up times of catalytic converters and Diesel Particle Filters - longer life and better efficiency
  • Additional sound insulation

Please allow 2-3 additional weeks for the Header Shield Fabrication.