AMS Performance Fuel Filter Kit | 2023+ Nissan Z

AMS Performance Fuel Filter Kit | 2023+ Nissan Z

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The AMS Performance Nissan Z Fuel Filter has been designed to be the highest quality and most sophisticated solution for fuel filtering of the VR30 engine on the market. As many have experienced, OEM fuel system component failures are fairly common on the VR30 engine, especially when using higher concentrations of ethanol like E50 or E85. Ethanol is an excellent high-octane fuel source with its high alcohol content, and because of this it also acts as a cleaning agent. For some cars, this can dislodge sediment in the fuel tank and lines built up over years of running low-grade gasoline. One of the best ways to prevent this dislodged foreign object debris from making its way into the injectors or engine itself is by utilizing a high-quality in-line fuel filter.

AMS Performance is an engineering company first. We have built our 20+ year reputation as a leading motorsports aftermarket component manufacturer by creating the highest-performing parts through a focused engineering approach to design. This design method allows us to include features not found in any other kits on the market, including motorsports quality braided fuel lines, and quick-connect AN fittings. Where others use plastic fittings, low-grade rubber fuel hoses, and leak-prone clamps, the AMS Snailworks Engineering Team has put together a system that uses the highest quality materials for years of trouble-free operation.

We designed this custom filter housing for use specifically on the Nissan Z with VR30 engine so that it can be bolted directly to the vehicle’s chassis in OEM bolt locations. Other kits on the market or universal DIY options use an unsecured generic housing, but our design allows us to integrate a mounting solution so you can securely mount the filter unit. This is a safety feature as much as it is an aesthetic one, as it is done to prevent any possibility of damage to the lines from continuously rubbing on other components, as well as to prevent fittings from possibly loosening over time, causing a dangerous fuel leak.

Inside the filter housing is where the real engineered features are located. The shape of the housing has been designed to promote unimpeded fuel flow through it by reducing or expanding the size of the ports inside the housing. As fuel flows from right to left, we reduce the internal volume to send fuel inward, towards the filter. As shown in the cross-section photo graphic below, the inlet and outlets are both radiused at the ends and tapered at a certain angle for optimal fuel throughput. To put it simply, we invested a lot of engineering muscle into this kit, to make it the best possible unit on the market.

The most important part of any fuel filter kit is the filter element itself. Without a quality filter element, designed specifically for the fuel type you will be using, a fuel filter kit would be useless. This is why we chose to use a 6-micron glass filter, manufactured by a top-tier automotive fuel system component manufacturer. This means the AMS Nissan Z Fuel Filter has the ability to filter particulate down to 6 microns in size from your fuel, for the ultimate in engine protection. This is the finest fuel filter element specifically for the VR30 engine on the market, to protect your investment. While this 6-micron glass filter is a more expensive option, it gives you confirmed compatibility with all fuel types, from gasoline to ethanol, and even methanol. Cellulose (paper) filters found in cheaper filter kits have been known to break down when used with ethanol-based fuels.


  • CNC machined filter housing features a built-in mounting solution to secure the unit and lines from dangerous movement
  • Highest filtering effectiveness on the market with 6-micron filter
  • Glass filter element material for 100% ethanol compatibility
  • Fully integrates with the AMS flex fuel kit for a seamless solution (available separately)/li>
  • Uses motorsport-grade fittings and aluminum quick-connect fittings for easy installation and leak-free operation
  • Utilizes all race grade black nylon coated E85 compatible -6AN braided hose


  • Bolt-in install with no permanent modification to vehicle required
  • Allows users to install on their factory stock fuel lines


  • 2023+ Nissan Z

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - Fuel Filter Kit


  • AMS Performance's Standard Limited Warranty